Sunday, October 5, 2008

Will Work With Washcloths

Nutty title, I know.
I am a bit eccentric over cloth though. I’m sure each homemaker has her common, comfortable, and familiar choice for taking care of all the areas in her home.

For me, I love having small and easy to swish, wipe down, and wring out cloths for dishwashing, counter cleaning, wiping down the drainer and more. I use bigger (what I’ve seen called “bar mop” towels) for drying the dishes, drying out the sink, and things like that. For many years, I’ve used white versions of these with one blue stripe around the bottom. The last stack I bought finally wore out so I went for more and NONE were to be found! I really hope Sam’s gets more in one day when I have the funds to get them!

Instead, I got some I also like using and having around. They are all white and come in a bag of 60. They are listed as usable for automobiles, business, households and lots more. I really love these and have a freshly washed, dried, and folded drawer full with my white smaller dish cloths. Those, btw, are just a big pack from Sam’s of white washcloths. I get blue for our bodies.

I also use microfiber towels… a lot. I have a set of yellow for the toilet, bathroom floor, pet messes, and gross jobs. I thought the bright yellow might make the chores seems less dreadful!

Now? Everyone just dreads seeing the tiny tower of yellow towels :)

We have orange, blue, and green for dusting when we don’t use the dusters or vac, for cleaning up general spills, wiping down tables and tops, and just whatever job comes up. I would love seeing some pink to go along with these and maybe some lavender. That would make for a pretty cleaning closet, would it not? Just a note in the case you don’t already have the care of microfiber towels down: NEVER use fabric softener on them! I guess white vinegar in the rinse cycle won’t hurt (I sometimes use this and these seem to be fine with it) but fabric softener will mess them up from what I’ve seen and heard from others.

My husband got a smile over how happy I was to have some good coffee creamer (Sam’s had a delicious brand of half-n-half for $1.48 each and we have been paying anywhere from the cheapest at 1.87 to over 2.70!) and a new supply of cleaning and wash cloths! We had dwindled down to very little of either so I AM joyful to have a replenished supply.

How is your linen closet, dear Homemaker?
Do you have the cloths and/or towels you need to wash your dishes, wipe down your stove tops, clean your cabinets, clean your counters, wipe up spills and wash the microwave with?

Are your bathing washcloths in supply enough for each family member to get a shower without having to wait for one to wash with? Do you have enough towels to dry with?

Do a quick inventory. If you need more, make a note to buy a little or big pack as you can afford them. What about those you already have? Do you have a neat place to store them? Believe it or not, even such as these can make a pretty and cozy appearance in the home!

We are in the midst of major remodeling jobs so a lot of our storage is creative and possibly temporary. We have a pretty armoire in the living room formerly in our master bathroom. It came unfinished but Blake found a “milk wash” product from Home Depot and it turned out very nice. I’ll try to include a photo of it on a future Home Notes post.

Anyway, there are two shelves in that for my bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths and cleaning cloths. I neat stack the folded towels by size on one shelf and line all the cleaning towels by color/type on the other. Free domestic decorating. {smile}


Melissa said...

Boy Sandy, I've got to get my dusting stuff looking pretty like yours! Right now I'm watching Good Will for pretty storage baskets to put things in, I'm tired of ugly storage containers :) Glad to hear someone else pretties their cleaning supplies :)

humblelabor said...

So happy to have found your blog. We do need new washcloths at the moment. I so prefer using something washable to paper towels. But evry few years my supply of washcloths gets too worn out to use. I'll have to look for the ones you found. They sound just right!

Warm wishes,

naturalmotherhood said...

Thanks, ladies!
I want more pretty storage containers myself, Melissa! Let me know if you found any soon. Tell me what you do with them.

Emily, (you know I adore your name since you share it with my first grandbaby:) --- let me know if you get some of these cloths and how you like them!