Sunday, October 5, 2008

Quiet Time ~ Monday

What does QUIET TIME mean to you?

There isn't really a definition for it and I guess women along the way have used it to define more than one thing. For one, it might mean a literal time of quiet to just close eyes and hear no sound while it lasts!

The Quiet Time we are going to be referring to during this small series is actually a time with the Lord each day.

A time reading/studying the Bible and/or praying.

How we meet with God is very much a personal and private thing so God will guide each heart.

We are just highlighting it, bringing it to attention and having it focused on to offer the benefits of having a daily quiet time, share hows and to's, and to share resources.

Let's get started with some questions:

If you already devote a time each day for reading the Bible:

Where do you have it?

What do you bring?

Do you have a set routine? Set time?

If so, what is the routine and/or time?



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