Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pulling Back Curtains

For a glance into my household and heart...

It is cold in my home today!
There is no heat yet and we won’t turn it on until we must. I can have it warmed up in not time when I’m staying home because I fire up the ovens and bake the day away☺.

Growing-up-on-me-little-man and I are leaving in a few minutes for an almost hour drive away. My D-I-L invited us to her new apartment and one little boy is excited about going.

Today is supposed to be my baking day but I’m pretty low on ingredients anyway so I’ll move it to a later time this week. I got the laundry done, dishes washed, counters wiped down and I’ll make the bed before we leave.

I was working through these basic routines with thoughts going through my head about lots of things but realized something. I realized how comfortable I was. The sun was streaming through the windows, warm and sudsy water swished in the sink, and the dryer’s warmth had a sound all it’s own.

There was a time these would be dreaded chores for me and I wonder why. I guess it was a state of mind… of life and maybe spoke of where I was spiritually. Perhaps, it shows a heart change in the love I have learned to have in such things.
One of my favorite coffee mugs was drained twice today and we had sweetener and cream to make it delicious. This made my morning Bible reading so cozy.

Our five year old who has finally been moved to his own little bed in his own little room… got cold. In the early, early morning hours he climbed up in my bed and told me he was sleepy and tired. I held him close and thought of how quickly it flies… the time between them being small enough to lie with warm heads under my chin to having their own beds in their own homes. Ah, the ponderings of a woman at home sometimes. Smile.

When I write of the woman at home, I refer to all women. Where ever our home is, however we arrange and manage the hours in it, whatever we are doing in it… we find ourselves …of it.

We all clean, many of us cook, we read and write, talk and tell, whisper and some of us yell. Thankfully and by the grace of God Himself… the latter has dwindled down to almost never but the monster still lurches out. How does my Father love me so?

Thus finishes a note pulled like a wedge from the sections in my home life…


humblelabor said...

I love that magazine cover. Someday I'll sew some curtains like that for our little house. :)

naturalmotherhood said...

The curtains are the VERY reason I loved the picture! I just adore them and was trying to figure out how I would make some for my living room window!