Thursday, October 23, 2008

Homemaking Prayer

Homemaking Prayer
Dear Lord, I come to you in the Name of Jesus and I ask for Your hand in my homekeeping.
Father, I know this request might sound strange to some but it won't to You. You know me. You know My coming and my going... my inmost inner thoughts. You know my heart.

The longings I have to be a Proverbs 31 woman have been like a flag blowing from
A deeply grounded pole. It has flown high and waved strongly in the fiercest of winds and at times it has become faded, tattered, worn.
The replaced "flag" has been hope found in Your Word. I seek You in that hope today.

You have brought me far, my Lord.
You have brought me from taking my cleaning and order too far in putting it above the comfort of my family and through times when it was the opposite.

Carry me on.
Don't let me give up.
Lift my face from my circumstances and shine Your light into my eyes, into my mind, into my heart.

There is noble work to be done here and I am the leader you have placed at the helm of this homestead. My husband is the head of our family and I am the manager of our home.
Let me not grow weary. Let me not give way or give up just because I cannot see the substance of things prayed for.

Help me praise You for clean laundry, neat dressers, washed dishes, wiped counters, cleared tables and swept floors.
Ignite the sparks of joy into brilliant flames and drown the despair of the undone and the not yet accomplished.

The defeater and leader of lies lurks around the corners aiming discouraging missiles about my home. Sinister whisperings filled with pride... saying we should be better than this by now. Saying we've earned to not have leaking ceilings, worn out wood on the porch, and gleamless floors.
What destruction for the heart these thoughts are!
What have we done to even deserve the beauty and the blessings we have?!

Oh, Lord! Forgive me for allowing such wicked imaginations to even enter in the doors or the windows of me or of my home.
I have appliances working for me all over my home, furniture to hold onto my loved ones in as we watch movies together, books in crooked little stacks all over to read from. I have a husband who drinks his coffee right here with me each morning as I drink mine. I have children and daughters in love and I have grandchildren to call my own! There is so much to thank You for... how could I allow a fragment of energy towards dwelling on any lack? There is no lack when YOU are Lord of a life!

Lift me up each and every morning to YOUR radiance and put a song in my heart for the duties of the day. Let my apron strings swing into place and my joy be complete as I serve YOU in all I do.
Take my hand, dear Father of mine. Take my hand and let me bow to You as I follow Your lead.

Make my home an outpouring of YOU in every place and let me delight in the work to make it clean, cozy and comforting. Make my home a haven and give my hands the work to make it that way.
Don't let the sun go down with any anger here but allow peace to permeate wall to wall and window to window.

I am a HOMEMAKER assigned to this place by THE CREATOR of all and this is nothing short of a miracle in my life.
Thank You. Praise You. Lift Your Name on High.

Help me in my homekeeping. Let my work here bring YOU glory and honor and praise!
I bow my head and lift my hand to Yours... and offer this home into Your service.
I keep this home and You keep this heart.

In the Name of Jesus... Our Loving Savior... King above all kings and Lord of all, Amen.

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