Thursday, October 9, 2008

6 Questions for Simple Bible Study

6 questions for simple Bible Study

Just print this off and fold into your bible for reference as you read the Word. I think if you journal this would be a good set of questions to use as well.

Six questions for simple Bible study

1) What verses stand out to me in this passage that encourage or challenge me?

2) What is this passage about? What is the main idea?

3) Why did the author write these verses? What was he trying to achieve?

4) What do we learn about God, about ourselves and about others?

5) What promises, insights, warnings or commands do we see in this passage?

6) How can we apply this truth during the next week/month? What can we do? How can we think differently than previously?

End with prayer for yourself or for others in relation to what you have studied.

Shared by my dear friend, Kim. I love her blog and writings and am excited to share a blog she has started from Latvia!

*Photo* is from Kim's blog!

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