Friday, October 10, 2008

Free/Donation Bible Study Program

I forgot one of the Quiet Time/Bible Study online sources I had planned to share!

A friend from clean & cozy home (thanks, you:) told me about a program she enjoyed for helping her study the Bible.

I have been using it ever since!

You download it on your computer and choose what you want to add or not. Most things are free but there is a charge for some of the Bible translations and a few other things. This is totally free or you can donate a small fee to however much you desire to give. I used it for free until about a year ago and decided to send in a donation and at the time there was a deal where I got a free cd filled with Bible study materials on it!
I didn't do it for that but it was a nice surprise.

Anyway, here it is if you'd like to look into it:

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