Monday, February 9, 2009

Scrubbing Bubbles "Send In's"

I was given permission to share some of the responses to my excited sharing on what Scrubbing Bubbles did to kitchen grease. Here they are:

I just know I have used it every since we lived here and that has been almost 30 years. So we have used it for years . Just read the precautions for use....

1. allow to foam up about 10 minutes or so then wipe off with a warm wet cloth....

2. stay out of the fumes...spray and walk leave the room I do no more than 1/4 of a wall at a time...say...the upper two portions....on a ladder, then move to the lower portions.... so it takes about an hour to clean a wall allow it to dry for several hours, especially in this cold weather before painting....I have found that the outer walls don't allow paint to adhere as well when it is so cold outside.
But for spring, summer and fall painting....I clean all the walls and then can begin in on the painting.

Now, I caveat, I use a good quality paint...I use Latex enamel Bath and Kitchen paint in these high cleaning (scrubbable) areas and a good quality satin latex paint in all other areas. Results may not be the same depending on the paint. .. I have used brands from Home Depot, Sears and Martha Stewart and Gliddens paints.

I have used scrubbing bubbles to clean walls especially before I am going to paint with excellent results.
I spray it on, wipe it off and then follow with a cloth with warm warm....
It saves me time , effort and is one of the few items I stock in our home...
I have a grandson with poor aim also!

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