Sunday, February 8, 2009

Homemaking Month By Month

January's homemaking chores poured into February and I'm working to keep these from rushing into March. Smiles...
Not really. I am actually finally ... fine... with taking things one day at a time. Even though I would prefer everything be done in one day, I know it isn't going to be so why make it a worrisome thing? Bringing this active, working, love-filled home into a beautiful sense of order and comfortable clean is worth a slow and steady job.

Progress has been stacking up one de-cluttered and organized area at a time. The cleaning is being maintained in the process and around here... with all going on so much of the time, this is a good achievement.

Our bedroom was the worst room in the house. I vacuumed the carpet, made my bed pretty regularly and randomly cleaned off dressers and computer desk. Beyond that, we had stacks of paperwork to go through in one corner, a basket of things to go through in another and just disorder to figure out everywhere.

When the pipes busted, we had to get up the carpet fast. What a blessing! We are now carpet free (something we've been working for years on) except for three small closets. My husband installed some laminate flooring and we ONLY put back in the bedroom these items:

Bed. Two dressers. Nightstand. Small antique table.
We planned to put more in there but have fallen SO in love with the serenity, the simplicity and the almost Shaker like cleanliness. We've decided we don't need anything else in there after all.

Now, it is following us through the house. How much do we need? How much can one house hold? Why are we holding all of it?

There are still more rooms to go and work to be done in our bedroom. The walls and ceiling have to be fixed and painted and I'd like to add a pretty rug or two and definitely am dreaming of a lovely lamp but we are getting somewhere.

I'll try to share pictures soon and if you have a room you have reclaimed or changed around and would like to share it --- please do!

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