Friday, April 2, 2010

Oreck Halo

My sister called this morning and during our conversation, told me about this new vacuum. How neat. I know there are tons of vacs out there doing all kinds of things these days and if I were rich, I think I'd try them all until I had an all time favorite --- or two. There is just something about being able to suck up dust, pet hair, dirt, bits of this and that and not having them float or flurry around the house!

Anyway, here is one I'd love to try one day!

The hyperlink will NOT work.
Let's try just typing it in...

Sorry you can't just click on it. I need to figure out enough about html to have clickable links but I know NOTHING about it.

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A Bee In My Bonnet - Leslie Anne said...

OK, I'm gonna try to tell you how to do the link thing! Type the name of the link - say, in this case, Oreck Halo. Then you highlight it (do you know how to do that? Place the cursor right behind the O in Oreck, then right click and while holding down the right click button, move your cursor over what all you want to highlight - in this case, the 2 words Oreck Halo. When you've highlighted both words, lift your finger off the right click button). Then there's a little symbol in the bar at the top of where you're posting - it looks like a little green globe with what looks like parenthesis on the top of it. Left click on that, and it will open a box where you can paste in the URL (the same thing you already put in, The only trick here is that they already have the http:// in there, & it's highlighted blue. I just hit delete and then paste in my URL, and then click on OK. That should do it. Good luck! Leslie Anne