Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garden Update

Roses that come back year after year. One small plant was given to us by my sister and they have grown very big. We just cut them back as needed.

The camera isn't showing the detail of the soil or the defined rows because the Christmas Eve kittens are now amazing trapeze artists. They knocked our camera from a high shelf on the China Hutch to the floor and it isn't working well anymore:(
Anyway, these rows are the parsley (two kinds) and two basils.

Confederate rose plants shooting back up. Above those is our cilantro row and to the left are the wildflower seeds.

My husband creating BEAUTIFUL soil that cannot be seen. In the picture, it just looks like mud! This is our vegetable garden and is in the front of the house while the herb garden is to the side... kind of. Two hard to explain for now!

Our summer baby! This thing works even our toughest land into soft soil!

Our ragged little yard and garden are coming along!
We need to keep working and not give up.

The tiller was in the shop and we got it back today. SO NICE to have neatly plowed and tilled rows to plant in.

My husband separated what once was my herb garden (freestyle --- I just added herb plants as I got them) into neat sections for our seeds. I am so excited!

On the side closest to the porch, I planted a neat row of heavenly blue morning glories (as I wrote of recently --- and went all the way around the little porch) and there was a rectangle spot of soil with a wood beam on the outside as a border.
It has more shade than sun and I found a pack of lovely wild flower seeds I purchased last year to cover it with. They tolerate over watering if they must and this area is the most moist of the whole "plot".

In two, full sun rows, I planted one row of two different parsleys and a row of regular basil and a half row of cinnamon basil.

My confederate rose got cut all the way down (it becomes a MOUNTAIN each summer) has a whole new circle of little babies!

Next to that is a small patch of dill and the row above that is all of cilantro.

Much to do but we are on the way!

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