Friday, April 24, 2009

Start of Summer Mornings

Some would not consider it summer yet basing things on temperature, school still being open, and/or the date on the calendar. Around here... I can tell it is the first days of our hottest and longest season.

I get up between 4:30am and 7:00am and the house is already less dark in the early mornings. By the time I have the coffee done, laundry moving, breakfast made, kitchen tidied, bathroom swished & swiped and floor vac'd --- the sun is bright and warm.

This is the first year I have looked this forward to a hot time of year since I was a child. It might be the garden we are growing, getting Blake in on my yard plans, or just getting some sunshine absorbed; I just know I have hope for a good one.

There is a bumblebee buzzing and bouncing (quite gracefully) all over our yellow bell bushes outside this window. Blue Jay's dive into one tree and cardinals swoop down from another. My purple azaleas are in full bloom and I wish my husband hadn't covered my gorgous white azaleas with big rocks! He did this when his parents' old house was torn down to build new and he lugged all kinds of rock down here to save and use.

I hope to get the floors mopped again today with some rosemary essential oil. I need to give it a good scrub again!

Just thought I'd slip a quickly "scratched" note from my home this developing day!

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