Friday, September 17, 2010

Even in HOMEMAKING. . . GOD is enough.

I was telling a dear blessing today that I have the hardest times with balance some days. Some weeks. Some months. As a matter of fact, I have such a time that the days turn into weeks and lapse into months before I usually even know it.

So many women are just SO much more awesome than me! I see and hear from and read about women every single day who keep themselves beautiful, make time for reading, lead Bible studies, take kids to all kinds of activities, bake unbelievable cupcakes and cake balls and marzipan delights by the dozen.

There are women who have cozy and clean homes so well ordered and run that it is like the auto pilot Flylady often speaks of when explaining the goodness of routines.
Some women do all of the above without batting a lash and on top of them run 5-10 miles a day and volunteer at charity events and actively particpate in schools their children attend.

Anyone who knows me or reads what I write knows I'm not one of those women.
The good Lord in heaven knows I've tried to be. I've tried to the point of tears, pain and feelings of failure for never even coming close. You know what?

That isn't where my efforts have to be to find true success.
It isn't wrong for me to not be as organized or talented as just about every woman out there and I should not spend my life feeling guilty for not being.

I like a clean house. I actually love a clean house. I am a better, calmer and kinder person when things are just so and I feel brand new when they are. Right now... it is that way when I sweep a corner of time clean enough for it. My home doesn't stay in a state of clean and coziness. Sometimes those two co-exist and sometimes . . . they don't. My husband always says that one day everything will be that clean all the time . . . and we'll wish it back to now. Now when we have an active boy keeping us from sitting down very often, teen girls gathering in our kitchen and baking up all kinds of movie snacks and grown children bringing grandchildren to shake smiles, laughter and goodness all over the place

The thing is --- I do laundry and dishes every day. I sweep, clean after meals, tidy the bathroom, make beds, and do something with paper work every day. Some days I get music turned on and windows flung open (well, around here, kind of forced open with all my might) and all kinds of polishing and scrubbing and scenting goes on. Other times? I have to push laundry baskets back from the door to let people into our entry/pantry/laundry room.
Often I have extra things on my counter or work table and the clothes for family members to put up are left folded on the dryer.
There are lots of things but I know I usually do the best I can. I seek God each and every day and pray for His help. I read my Bible and pray and love the people in my life and anywhere near it with all I've got.
God is enough. My efforts in His name are enough.

I stack so much on my many to do lists that it often takes me a long, long time to reply to emails (but by the grace of God, I do reply!) and I have planned to write this post since a few months ago. Two posts have come since then by Melissa at Contemplative Joy and they really spoke to my heart. I think the words she shared here in July and here in August are shared thoughts with women all over the world. . . every day.

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