Monday, June 28, 2010

Home Garden Notes June 2010

*CORRECTION: Even though I KNOW how to spell zucchini and never even need spell check for it --- I spelled it wrong in my personal journal --- the one I decided to save time with and share as it was written there, here. I don't think I can go through and edit the text on these photos so I'm sending anyway. Each and every one has zucchini spelled zuchinni! Only me! *

I have not kept up with photos or journaling as I hoped and planned. Hoping to do better from here on out!

We have been getting cucumbers, zucchini, one radish I’m not sure was ready and some green beans and sweet basil!

The sweet basil and cinnamon basil are both doing well even though the confederate rose is over shadowing them. Hopefully, they will thrive --- I really want to do a lot with them.

My roses have all four completely stopped blooming so I need to see why and give them more attention. I would like to use the rose petals.

I’m working on getting the kitchen fully cleaned again and sanitized for dehydrating, canning, freezing and preparing the harvest. We already have a lot of cucumbers so I am pickling those.

We had to find the boiling canner Blake put outside, get the rust off of the rack (Walmart didn’t have one to buy) … get some spices and canning supplies. Now, I have to get busy doing my first canning session alone and make sure nothing is wasted.

We’ve been snacking on cucumbers and adding slices to sandwiches, as sides on summer lunches, added to commercial pickle juice after the pickles are gone. Very good!
I stove top grilled (on cast iron grill) zucchini and added it to pasta with some parmesan shavings. We haven’t had a block of parmesan in SO long --- Blake surprised us with a wedge from the Whole Foods market!

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