Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Cleaning & Out of Hibernation!

Clearing through the clutter is proving a boring job but we will figure a way to make it less tedious. Music helps!

The kids are outside playing and I can see them from my window and my daughter and I are cleaning the house. Laundry is getting done and warm weather means we will bring our weary clothes line back to life. I have searched in vain for brightly colored, plastic clothes pins because they are my favorite. I will settle with a big bag of wooden classics as soon as I can find those.

I'm glad all of our bedding can be freshly air dried above everything else --- they are longer to dry and I know they don't get fully aired out using an appliance. Blowing with the wind is a different story. The sun shines through stains and odors and just makes everything brighter.

How I'll miss our Abigail this summer. Our outdoor border collie mix of 12 years died a few weeks ago and I miss her now. I'll miss her more when I am outside without her. She followed me everywhere. . . to the clothesline, around the small garden plots and while I cleaned out the vehicles.

People shake their heads at how ridiculous it is to cry when we lose our pets but tears sting my eyes as I type.

We cleaned out the trash can today and added orange essential oil to the bottom. I will add a few drops to the laundry baskets, the washing machine and maybe drop one or two on a cloth for the dryer.

Something else I did and got compliments on how wonderful the house smelled was to open our kitchen window a bit and drop essential oils on the dry wood between panes. I added a couple of lemon, a couple of lavender and a couple of rosemary.

I added one down each sink drain and on the mop head when the floors got a good mop down. I do a bad thing to get the floors really clean and I don't suggest anyone try it but it works here. Our floors are very old and very worn and extremely hard to get super clean the way I love them to be.

I have started pouring hot, soapy water by the cup a few places and I grab the mop and old towels and do a quick clean over before pouring a few cups of clean water around to rinse. Then everything gets dried and the floor is clean. Disastrous for floors in need of particular care but quite handy for floors beyond much other help.

Have you noticed how eccentric I can be in my home cleaning? I want it to shine and sparkle, to glow and gleam and much more. Getting there is where it gets creative.

Well, I hope you have a humming and singing kind of spring cleaning this year --- whatever it looks like for your home!

3 Ideas to Consider:

1. Clear. Get ANYTHING you don't love, need or use OUT of your way so there is more space to easily clean.

2. Clean. Get the dust out, wipe up the sticky places, and scrub the scum away. Daily cleaning for the rest of the summer can be more "breezy" if you do.

3. Scent every room. Find a way to make things smell good. Open a window or all the windows. Spray something or add drops to awaken entire rooms. Have bowls of fruit out, harvest some herbs, snatch a hand full of flowers from your yard or places you won't be punished for it. Smile.

Spring is here and a home stretches from the winter cabin closeness and opens wide to all the sunshine offers. Help it along.


Lady-in-the-Making said...

I am so sorry at the loss of your dear dog. I don't think it is ridiculous at all. I recently lost a precious pup of my own and I know that hurt. I'm so sorry.

naturalmotherhood said...

Thank you so much. . . it immediately went to my heart for you when I read about your loss:(