Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Important Note

Dearest Readers,

I started writing Home Notes some time ago because homemaking is SUCH a passionate and purposeful part of my life. It is something I read stacks of books on (and always have) … go to first in magazines w hile waiting in grocery lines and talk about with others.

I love writing about it, too. I love sharing stories, tips, and gathering ideas from all over the world.
Even with all of this though, I haven’t been WRITING HOME NOTES as many have noticed.
My writing (by what I believe God has revealed to me over the years) is a gift from God to encourage, motivate, inspire and even strengthen the whole and the weary homemaker as she goes about being a keeper of her home.

Unless He pours it through, I don’t have it and I reached a point whenever it was where I could not write one word on the topic. Every time I go to. .. I either use the delete key or I start something entirely different. My home is as clean and cozy as I can seem to make it (with the exception of days when the messes and masses outnumber my energy level to keep up with) but it is in great disrepair and I find myself wanting to daydream things a different way when I write about them. If I’m dreaming of other circumstances, places, and settings --- I see no point in exposing you to the small offerings I’ve swept from the worn out places from the heart of my home.

I am not ending all homemaking writings (they are my favorite, after all) but just going to one blog and if/when the words come … I’ll share them there.

I’m keeping home notes up for those who repeatedly seek the archives but at this time, I won’t be sending new letters.

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